Oquirrh Lake Problems....

By Scoop, on 08-09-2008 20:21

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   It appears that there is a problem with the fish in the lake dying. I looked into this a while back and recently got conformation from the Utah Division of Wildlife and the new City of South Jordan Manager said *yes this is a quote*  "there are problems in the  lake with the fish (trout and bass) dying and that the filtering system that Kennecott Land put in the lake "is too good" and that the water is "too clean" and that the reason the fish are dying is because there is no food for them", I guess this has to the natural habitat thing, he also went on the say *yes this is another quote* "the there is only a 50% chance that the City of South Jordan will even take the lake from Kennecott Land at this point..."

If that happens plan on your HOA fees doubling or more...NOT good

Last update: 05-10-2008 10:17

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Oquirrh Annie: The Broken Daybreak Dream

By Oquirrh Annie, on 10-09-2008 08:57

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Dear Oquirrh Annie,

     I’m disgusted, appalled, sickened, revolted, and on a good day, only dismayed with the Daybreak HOA and Kennecott Land.     


     I bought the Daybreak dream, sitting on my front porch, chatting with neighbors as they pass, enjoying a glass of iced tea while watching the sun set. My dream turned to an ugly reality and I haven’t sat on my front porch in two and a half years.  I don’t even like parking my car in front of the house because that would require me to walk by the horrible mess that keeps me from sitting on my front porch.             


     The first year we lived in Daybreak we found our home was surrounded by houses bought by an investor for rental property.  We really didn’t think about it until our first summer, when the landscape was left to rot and become overgrown. The drainage from the neighboring home flooded our backyard and eroded the area under our air conditioner. Trash and debris was left in driveways and yards.   The HOA promised to take action. They sent the owner letters and threatened fines.  No follow up and ultimately, nothing happened.  The HOA’s comment, “we don’t want to offend/alienate any of our homeowners”.  Well, they certainly did a good job of all that with me.         


     Year two, same thing, only the HOA didn’t take action. No letters were sent, no threats of fines, no follow up. I expressed by complaints to Kennecott Land who sent two of their representatives to my home.   We discussed the issue, they experienced the environment first hand.  We told them we wanted to sell our house because Daybreak was not as advertised. More promises made, things were going to change, not to worry, and everything will be straightened up with new incoming HOA management. Blah, blah, blah.  Guess what happened, NOTHING!  In fact less action than year one, if that was possible.        


     Third year, we are coming to the end of a summer exactly like the last two.   The “new” HOA management has had a year to take action.  NOTHING!  Kennecott Land has been in the mix for one year, more NOTHING!  I want to pull my hair when I hear the new Kennecott excuse, “we can’t clean up all the homes in foreclosure, it would cost the community a fortune”.  How is it that they don’t understand, after being told numerous times, the homes surrounding me haven’t been nor are they currently in foreclosure!  In fact the owner is very well off and can certainly afford to take care of his properties.                



     Meanwhile, I have a pocket full of promises and B***S*** from the HOA and Kennecott.  I can’t sell my house without taking a huge loss as the properties surrounding me look like crap.      


     I pay my HOA dues in full and on time, volunteer for the community when time allows, and pitch in to help neighbors when need arises. All actions that contribute to building community, one of the main pillars of the Daybreak Charter created by Kennecott Land.  So why is it, Kennecott and our HOA feel it’s appropriate to abandon a good homeowner when asked to enforce their own rules?  Seems Kennecotts sense of community ends when they cash the check for building lots.  



Sincerely Livin’ in the Trailer park



Last update: 11-09-2008 08:17

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Daybreak Daily now on Twitter!!!

By Scoop, on 17-08-2009 15:41

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The Daybreak Daily is now on Twitter, to follow and get updates from the Daybreak Daily or to get updates on my campaign you can sign up to follow me here:   http://twitter.com/sjcjoeross



(aka – Joe Ross)

Last update: 17-08-2009 15:43

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