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4th Annual Daybreak Garage Jam - October 16th, 7-11pm

By Luckyfish, on 12-10-2010 21:04

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Do you enjoy music and your Daybreak neighbors?  If so, join us at the Daybreak Wine Club Garage Jam.  The evening is about talented residents joining together to share their love of music.  It’s truly a jam session in the garage, but it produces music worthy of any venue.  The garden will be open and karaoke will be offered for those who love to sing but don't have a band, at hand.   

Join us on Saturday, October 16th, 7-11pm.  Bring your instrument and be ready for a good time.



Location: Kelly's, 11661 Bluerock Avenue, Daybreak

When: Saturday, October 16  7:00 PM - 11:00 PM  


Bring something to share as a snack and whatever you might want to drink.

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