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Hillside Park - KL blocks changes planned by C of SJ Print E-mail
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Written by Scoop   
Sunday, 07 September 2008 23:00
Unfortenately Kennecott Land has instructed (per the contract of the park being given to the City that still gives Kennecott Land the right to sign off on changes) the City of South Jordan NOT to make these changes:
NOT put in concrete for the paths (which is a clear sign that KL does not care about families trying to use the park)
NOT put in BBQ's
NOT put in new play equiopment
NOT put in concrete or asphalt near the tables
NOT to put in more trees
however they will fix the grass..
It looks like the HOA and KL is denying this (no suprise)....HOA and KL are claiming they asked the City to run the changes throught the DCR process, this is not what the City says, here is what went down...
There was a meeting last week with the City and KL and the City in which the City was voicing their concerns on how KL is not properly building or maintaining the parks and when they are turned over to the City that the City is ending up having to pay for the fixes/changes to the parks that should have been addressed before KL turned them over to the City. And it was in this meeting when KL did in fact remind the City that KL had the right to NOT approve any changes being made to the park (s) that have been turned over to the City, and that they did NOT approve to the changes being made to Hillside park.
However...now it looks as if KL has reached out (so the HOA says) and told the City to submit the changes to the DCR for approval by the BOD (which is KL). So hopefully once the DCR process is done KL will allow the City to make the changes they were planning and trying to make.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 September 2008 09:25
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