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Written by Elly   
Sunday, 03 May 2009 20:31

     Judging by the busy playground, most of you Daybreak residents with kids have already visited the recently opened park by Oquirrh Lake. As my school-age boys would say, isn’t it awesome?! The largest and, by far, the best playground in Daybreak, the new west end of Rowdy Park offers a whole lot of fun for kids of all ages.playground


     First of all, there’s the playground. Unlike many other parks in Daybreak, at the west end of Rowdy Park you’ll find entertainment for both very young children and older kids, too. To start, there are swings—not only regular swings, but also the first baby swings in Daybreak! There’s a tube slide set right on the side of a hill (make sure your kids wear durable pants because they’ll probably end up sliding right down the hill, too). And there’s this merry-go-round contraption that you can hang from and go around and around. But the best part, according to my kids, is the incredible climbing structures made of sturdy ropes webbed around metal frames. Like ships or towers or giant three-dimensional spider webs, the structures encourage imaginative play and some great games of tag.beach



     And then, of course, there’s the lake with its jogging trails and deep blue beauty that we’ve all enjoyed for awhile now. Just beyond the playground down at the water’s edge, there’s a sandy beach complete with sand-castle perfect wet sand. But even though the spot seems perfect for cooling off on a warm spring day, don’t even try to get in the water. Kennecott’s infamous no swimming rule is still very much in effect and the lake security guards will descend on you promptly if you so much as touch the water with your feet—I understand “stay out of the lake” signs will be posted soon. Maybe when South Jordan City takes over the lake someday, they’ll allow swimming—or at least wading—and we’ll be able to enjoy the beach as it was meant to be enjoyed.



     In addition to the exceptional playground and lake, there are some other great features at the new park. Two adjustable basketball hoops with separate half courts invite pick-up games and shooting practice. Plenty of park benches, picnic tables, and well-placed rocks provide rest for supervising parents and worn-out grandparents. Tons of extra sand around the playground gives kids with wise parents who steer clear of water a place to dig, too. And the landscaping—like always at Daybreak parks (yes, even Founder’s Village parks have better landscaping than what you find at a typical neighborhood park)—adds beauty, character, and atmosphere to the area. There are even lots of shade trees.




bball courts


     The park is so big (for Daybreak) and varied, that it really accommodates a lot of people well. The first time we visited, I counted at least 50 kids—from crawling babies to teenagers—using the park but instead of feeling crowded it was that much more fun. The only real problems I noticed were the cars parked all along the busy street, congesting traffic. If you drive to the new park, you might consider parking at Eastlake Elementary which is only a block to the east and walking over through the skate park (it’s always an adventure going through there—you never know what daring feat you might witness).



     We’ve been watching them build this park for a long time and as it grew more and more spectacular behind its temporary chain link fence my kids became ever more anxious to try it out. The day we discovered it had finally been opened was a major event in our household—everyone got their chores done at record speed so we could go play. And judging by the difficult time I had getting the kids to start heading back home, as well as the frequency of our repeat visits, the new park at the west end of Rowdy Park did not disappoint our expectations. It’s one of those fantastic places that remind you how glad you are to live in Daybreak.



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