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Written by Elly   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 07:48

   A small (but growing) collection of shops and restaurants in the heart of present Daybreak, SoDa Row offers convenient services, unexpected treasures, and tasty fare as well as gathering space for the neighborhood. And it all comes steeped in Daybreak’s signature new-vintage vibe. While it has its drawbacks and disappointments, SoDa Row offers a unique experience that no Daybreak resident would want to overlook.


   Currently, the services offered at SoDa Row are pretty standard – a hair salon/day spa, and laundromat. While the day spa has been calling my name ever since I discovered it was there (and the prices don’t look too bad), the laundromat has been randomly closed both times I’ve tried to visit. I’m hoping it’s just bad luck. Oh, and there’s the barbershop, too. Rumor is there will soon be a dentist as well as other professional services offered from the big boxy blue office building. I have to admit, I look forward to such a short jaunt to visit a doctor. (Let’s hope they’ll be good doctors!)



   While the service selection at SoDa Row may be increasing, the retail offerings are still pretty slim. There is a florist (which probably counts as a service), a new women’s clothing shop called The Red Herring, and the flagship: Oopsie Daisy. All three seem charming but, I’ll admit, have yet to capture meas a regular customer (prices, at least at Oopsie Daisy, just seem too high for my cheapskate bones). You know what I would like to see at SoDa Row? One of those fascinating home décor consignment stores bursting with affordable found treasures, large and small, or a fabric shop would be nice, too. And why not something not so cutsie, like an electronics store or golf shop?







   SoDa Row is not, however, lacking in restaurants. Three moderately-priced restaurants grace SoDa Row at present: San Gelato, Tio’s and the newly opened Wasabi. With one restaurant for every two other businesses, we’ve got a high ratio of tastiness in our neighborhood! And they really are pretty tasty, if you ask me.


   Speaking of taste, it seems the overall style of SoDa Row is hit or miss with people. Some people really enjoy the modern-vintage architecture with its bright colors, straight geometry, and funky rusted metal accents. While other people think it’s too modern to go with the classic homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. Personally, I love it. I say, thank you to the designers who brought some very classic urban appeal to our little community in the middle of nowhere. We even took our family photos downtown! 


    The best part of SoDa Row is the opportunity for gathering together as a community. How wonderful to run into friends and neighbors at dinner on a date-night. The splash pad and outdoor fireplace has become a gathering spot for families and neighborhood kids. And if you haven’t had a chance to hang out on the lawn on Friday evenings at the free outdoor concerts, don’t let another weekend go by without it!


    So while things are still small at SoDa Row, they are growing and what is there is worth checking out. Look for more articles in the coming months on the individual shops and restaurants, and we can all explore and support our local community together!
















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