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New Daybreak Pool Rules, misleading statements by the HOA?, and more fleecing of the Daybreak homeowners $$ by CCMC Print E-mail
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Written by Scoop   
Thursday, 23 June 2011 13:45
The Daybreak pool has a NEW rule, which states that all children 8 or under who wish to enter the pool must have a parent must be in the water with them. A Daybreak resident did some research and asked the HOA why the new rule was being put in place; they were told it was a new state law. It turns out that was in fact not true and was verified by the state and county. The resident then reached back out to the HOA and talked to Clint Warnick (manager of DCC and pools), he indicated that he made up the new rule and his reasoning was because in his opinion the Daybreak parents sunbathe and don't pay attention to their children went attending the Daybreak Pool. The resident then explained that they thought it was better for parents to watch their kids from the side of the pool they can see their children better (a better overall view) instead of being in the water and having their vision at water level (obstructed view).

Now I would understand the rule if it was for kids 4 and under, and I am a total advocate for safety, however for the rule to cover all children 8 years old and under it seems total overkill, the pool is already crowded enough. And I think Mr. Warnick’s opinion should have been kept to himself, and not communicated to a resident, after all he and all of the HOA employee’s work for us Daybreak Homeowners, sometime the Daybreak HOA employees forget who they work for. With that being said this is another incident of inappropriate behavior by a CCMC employee working for the Daybreak HOA, let’s hope he gets a good talking to about his conduct when speaking with the Daybreak residents.  



 This resident also looked into something I dug up a few years ago, our pool is completely over staffed, 6 lifeguards at a time watch our pool. Now I know what some a saying, it’s better to be safe than sorry and I agree, however our pool is very small and if they reduced the number of lifeguards on duty at one time to 4 that would still be more than enough eyes watching our pool and ensuring the safety of the residents using the pool. The real reason the pool and other areas of Daybreak have overstaffing by CCMC (HOA) is because they are in business to make money; they get a 28% margin on all costs, yep crazy huh. And us Daybreak residents, the ones who pay for everything, have no say. Many of the poor fiscal decisions and  CCMC fleecing the Daybreak residents via over charging and over staffing have been bought up to the senior management of Kennecott Land many times, however the opinions of the Daybreak Homeowners normally are dismissed and/or ignored.  


So for all of you who are new to Daybreak…WELCOME!!!


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