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Daybreak HOA Budgets
Daybreak 2009 Budget information Print E-mail
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Written by Scoop   
Thursday, 16 October 2008 10:26

    Here is a copy of the proposed Daybreak 2009 budget, as you can see due to the decline in home sales and HOA fees outstanding we have a budget deficit and some cuts will need to be made. I am also attaching a worksheet that lists the budget adjustment suggestions made by the residents at the meeting and a copy of the HOA agenda for the budget workshop meeting which has details on the CCMC headcount in the community and the newly requested positions, the HOA fee delinquency total, and other areas of potential reductions that could help reduce the budget deficit we are facing.   


I also sent a note off to the KL management team with the following budget reduction requests: 


1.   Newsletter - quarterly instead of monthly (already on the list of being reviewed I believe), a savings of $76,449..



2.   Tree replacement - Any trees west of Oakmond in Founders Village and in Eastlake Village should be paid for by Valley Crest considering the HOA office did identify all the dead trees in late spring/early summer before the warranty expired, however action was not taken because the ideal time of year to replace the trees (early spring) had passed. Kennecott Land should be able to require Valley Crest to replace these which would save about $29,000..



3.   Security - I believe most residents feel that the only security we need is the lake security, we can get rid of the patrol security which would be a savings of about $95,000. AND please note we can work together (the HOA, the BOD, and the HOC) on supporting the neighborhood watch program and I would be willing to work with the city to get them to beef up evening patrols in our neighborhood. .



4.   Programs -  We should eliminate the entire programs staff, the Lifestyle Director (Party Planner) position, and the 3 assistants that CCMC is looking to hire, this would save $110,000. My proposal is to have the programs committee be comprised of and ran by Daybreak residents and the new DCC assistant club director serve on the committee as a coordinator, not a leader. .



Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 November 2008 15:38
HOA 2008 budget issue.... Print E-mail
Written by Scoop   
Tuesday, 15 April 2008 11:37
Here is a question I asked the head of the BOD (KL employee -  Bruce Snyder)....and the answer I got...

What is the DCC Contracting Services for that is costing $85,003 in 2008? (detailed) Why is it needed?

This is what we pay the C of SJ (school district) for Janitorial services

I did some research and finally got in touch with the gentleman in charge of all the custodial services (School District Services Manager) for the South Jordan School District and I asked him about the custodial services and about the agreement in place with the Daybreak HOA and Kennecott Land. There are 3 full time custodians (40 hours a week) and 5 sweepers (who each only work 1.5 hours a day). One of the full time custodians is the lead person and this position is paid $15 per hour, the other two full time custodians make $10.36 per hour and the sweepers make between $8 to $9 per hour based on time on the job. So with those numbers in mind, we are only billed 1/3 of the total cost of these services by the South Jordan School District and we are NOT billed for any supplies (was confirmed by the South Jordan School District). Then we discussed what the exact and full total costs that are billed to the Daybreak HOA for the custodial services for the DCC. It turns out the bill has been between $3800 and $4200 a month over the past 18 months. So that means we are basically billed about $48k per year in FULL for the services that the Daybreak HOA (CCMC) team is charging the Daybreak Homeowners $85k for every year.   As soon as I wrote this article, the Daybreak HOA (CCMC) contacted the South Jordan School District and requested that none of the financial information be sent or discussed with me or any other Daybreak Homeowners. However seems as if someone forgot to tell Dan in the Daybreak HOA office that this is public information and that the Daybreak HOA has no legal authority to block or deny any access to this information or any other City of South Jordan or South Jordan School District information.  

What is the Daybreak HOA trying to hide? 


The Daybreak HOA manager has now told me that the other $37,000 from the DCC Contracting Services covers the computers/printers/faxes and software licensing for the DCC.


However the Daybreak BOD Bruce Snyder (President of the BOD and KL employee), said that the $17,280 in the 2008 DCC budget (labeled as office supplies) was for the computers/printers/faxes and software licensing, not the DCC Contracting Services.


Shouldn't the HOA and Kennecott Land be on the same page here when it comes to how the Daybreak Homeowners budget is being spent...?.?.?


The South Jordan School District is sending me copies of the invoices since it is public information which the HOC will save for the review of the HOA 2007 audit which we will be doing sometime in June 2008.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 April 2008 07:09
KL meeting on homeowner concerns and budget questions Print E-mail
Written by Scoop   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 23:00

The HOC and a few other homeowners just met with KL and went over a large number of concerns and questions that Daybreak homeowners have been asking. Attached is a spreadsheet which has three worksheets that contain the details and questions & answers that were discussed in the meeting. If you have any questions please let us know or if you have any concerns that were not addressed feel free to let us know as well.

Just a side note (some of you will be thrilled to hear this) a Pool Committee is being formed to plan and help coordinate the Founder Village swimming pool (that we hope can be built ASAP)


Last Updated on Friday, 18 April 2008 09:22
2008 Daybreak Homeowners budget Print E-mail
Written by Scoop   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 20:58
Here is the 2008 Daybreak BOD approved budget...
Last Updated on Monday, 31 March 2008 13:31
2007 Daybreak Homeowners budget Print E-mail
Written by Scoop   
Monday, 01 January 2007 00:29
I put this back up so you can review the year over year changes in the budgets...
 daybreak 2007 budget detailed.pdf[ ]720 Kb

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