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Elly (Get out and Explore)
Get Out and Explore: Eastlake Pool Print E-mail
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Written by Elly   
Monday, 07 July 2008 22:08

Eastlake pool

Summer sunshine, cool blue water, and happy kids: is there a better way to spend a summer day than swimming at the local pool? The long-awaited Eastlake pool opened today. We slathered on the sunscreen, dug out the towels and headed over to check it out.

What a beautiful facility. Ringed by teak armchairs and chaises, the pool itself is trimmed in stained cement (that doesn't get hot to the touch!) and gorgeous glass tiles. A large, foot-deep kiddie area with spraying fountains steps down to the larger pool area which extends from three feet deep to five feet at the deepest end. There's no diving board, or diving allowed, but there are three lap lanes marked on the pool floor and a hot tub for relaxing. The bathrooms are large and clean and there's even a separate family changing room which I thought was a great inclusion. There's not much shade right now, but I understand there will be beach umbrellas set up on the lawn next to the pool.

Sure, the whole pool is pretty small if you consider the potential size of Daybreak. But with a pool in the works for Founder's Village and maybe, possibly (hopefully?) for Northshore, the size of Eastlake's pool may be just right after all. I was told that with a cost of over 2 million to build, it would have gone up by millions with every additional inch around. Today, it got a little crowded sometimes in the deeper areas--especially if there were several flotation devices in the pool at once--but usually it wasn't too bad. And the kiddie area was never crowded--I've been in public pools where you couldn't find an edge to sit on because it was so chock-full of parents.

What's the best part of the new pool in Daybreak? Running into all sorts of friends and neighbors! Plus, it's free entertainment for the whole family and what could be better than that?

Overall, I am thrilled with the new pool. I think it is absolutely beautiful, classy, and fits my family's needs perfectly (I was so worried there wouldn't be anywhere for my two babies to play and we can't always go to the splash pool because my school-age boys are too old.) Honestly, I feel like the money we've sunk into our house and this community has been well-invested and we will be rewarded with not only a fabulous place to live but--if they continue to build such quality amenities--property values that grow exponentially in the long run.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 22:32
Get Out and Explore: How many Daybreak Residents Know About the Amphitheater? Print E-mail
Written by Elly   
Thursday, 26 June 2008 15:37
     A little while ago, scoop asked for writers who wanted to contribute to the Daybreak Daily.  I've been mulling over the idea of writing up some reviews of the parks in Daybreak and though this might be a good opportunity. There are a lot of great places in our community that many residents don't know much about. I plan to go explore them, write up my family's reactions and encourage everyone to get out and take advantage of this beautiful place in which we live.   


     Wandering around the trails on the southeastern hillside of Eastlake, we came across this beautiful little amphitheater hidden among the grasses. With a concrete stage area and mown lawn stadium seating it would be the perfect spot for a neighborhood kids’ play, local talent show, or even a family reunion. There are picnic tables with shade trees (on a summer evening the whole area is pretty shady) and parking spots up above, too.     


     There’s no playground equipment at this park (called Sunrise Park and tucked between Daybreak ViewParkway and Open Crest Drive, right off of Topview Road) but my school-age boys had a great time exploring the trails on their scooters, climbing rocks, and hiding in the tall grass. There are some spectacular viewpoints, and word is there will eventually be signs explaining the different view of the Wasatch mountain peaks throughout the year.     


    A word of caution: as the area is mostly hidden from the houses above and on the outskirts of Daybreak, it’s pretty lonesome. If they can hide a whole amphitheater there, what else could be hidden…? While a great space for groups or jogging through with a buddy, this is not a park I would visit alone. Also, it took two people to maneuver my semi-double stroller up and down those hills which was a pain in the neck. While it’s all wheelchair (and stroller) accessible—there are even special picnic tables for wheelchairs—the steep hills and sloped trails make it pretty tricky.     


     The amphitheater is not available to reserve, yet. In fact, they tell me it may not be turned over to the community until next year. I’ve heard rumors that it will be given to South Jordan and in exchange the city will put in a sound system, covered stage, and other equipment to bring it to a more professional level so the Daybreak Theatre Group can use it regularly. In the meantime, the park is open and Daybreak residents are free to use it when they wish.      


     Overall, I give it four out of five stars. It’s a beautiful place and the amphitheater is a great community amenity, but its seclusion makes it a little scary plus it’s not easily maneuverable in a stroller or wheelchair. 


amphitheater amphitheater map

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