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Do you want a swimming pool in Founders Village?
Are you happy with the landscaping in Founders Village (Village One)?
Do you feel Kennecott Land should provide more details about the Daybreak Village Center?
Are you happy with the job the Daybreak BOD (Kennecott Land) has done so far in the community, as far as addressing Daybreak Homeowners concerns and issues ?
How do you feel about the Mountain View Corridor and how it will impact the West bench?
What are you looking for in your Daybreak Homeowner BOD representative?
What is your favorite ammenity in the community?
Do you think that the HOA office should cut their cost to help save the Daybreak Homeowners money?
Do you like the new HOA site? (
Who is the worst builder in Daybreak?
Should CCMC (the HOA) trim their costs 10% to help ease the Daybreak Homeowners Budget?
Do you feel that the CCMC team (HOA) should get 4% raises in 2009 at the expence of the Daybreak Homeowners fund?
Would you like to see the Eastlake Pool and Founders Village Splash Pad open and close dates extended?
Are you happy about Kennecott Land putting apartments in Daybreak?
The Daybreak Daily 2008 HOA report card poll, please select the grade you feel the HOA deserves for 2008...
Should KL renew the Qwest contract in August?
Do you like the layout and the type of businesses coming to the Daybreak VIllage Center
Who do you think is the best builder in Daybreak?