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Davenport Foundation Repair ~ Wet or flooding basement? We can guarantee a dry basement, all the time. We have worked with several Daybreak residences in solving their basement flooding issues.

We always give a free estimate.  Call 801-569-2302




Luckyfish Groundskeeping ~ We are beginning our 2011 season with a bang!  We are pruning, aerating and doing Spring Clean-ups between snow storms. 


Requests are coming in for:


Aerations (we are scheduling them beginning next week, weather-permitting)

Fertilizations and weed control

Spring clean-ups

Sprinkler system activations and inspections (early to mid-April, weather-permitting)

Shrub and tree prunings (ASAP) and,

Assessments and recommendations


Light landscaping requests are being received, as well, so the season is filling up, fast.


If you are interested in any Spring-time services AND/OR in renewing your accounts for the 2011 season (property care), please let us know.



Best regards,

Mike and Devra






Zander Homes ~ specializes in custom basement construction with quality that's affordable!

Call Corey at 801-502-1241





Neighborhood Electric ~ Your neighborhood Electrician for your business or home. Get that outlet or light switch fixed that never seemed to work right. Light up those dark areas with recessed can lights or flood lights. Put can lights in your office or add one in the kitchen w/o dry-wall patching needed! Have an electrical project or question, give me a call!

Call Stewart at Neighborhood Electric. 801-403-2383




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